A Little About Me

Work Experience

I graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science.  I then went on to complete my dietetic internship in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I have worked with various aspects of nutrition.  I have been involved in menu development in a variety of settings.  I created an eight week weight loss program that focused on health and intuitive eating, designed for Priority Health’s wellness program.  I have had opportunities to research and present various disease states in the community these include: anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, epilepsy and the ketogenic diet, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  I have also given presentations on body image and learning to love yourself.  I have been working in the field of eating disorders since 2004.  From 2007-2008 I was a component of a treatment team that treated eating disorders found in USSA athletes.  I have also worked at various eating disorder treatment centers including: Avalon Hills where I was directly involved with the care of those suffering from eating disorders and New Life Centers where I was the lead clinical dietitian.  Currently I am in private practice where I specialize in eating disorders and disordered eating.  I also consult for various treatment centers throughout the Salt Lake valley; this allows me the opportunity to treat various dietary related diseases/illnesses, dietary deficiencies, and help with menu planning and development.  I have become passionate about providing individual and group nutrition therapy as well as providing guidance and support in facilitating dietary change.

Extra ORDINARY Experiences

I’m a big believer that all of our lives have ups & downs and good times & hard times; or can we say “extra ORDINARY experiences.”  It is through the difficult times in our lives that we can grow and become better versions of ourselves.  Through every phase of my life I can honestly say I’ve had challenges but I’ve also had sweet.  Currently I’m a mom of 4; which I love, but…they also bring their own challenges and rewards.  In this journey of life, food CAN be enjoyed, it shouldn’t become the struggle.  I know this from my own personal journey of making peace with food.  I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and being at peace is the side I would choose all day long.  If you’re ready to start this journey and have “extra ORDINARY experiences” free from the worry of food, do not wait, seek help now!